Evacuation mattress

Faster, easier and better
than any other evacuation device
that is available today.

In an emergency, S-CAPEPLUS is quickly removed from its storage bag or Wall Cover and laid onto the floor. The person with the mobility-impairment is then simply transferred to
S-CAPEPLUS and secured in place with the flaps and then dragged to safety.

The individual is protected by a 7cm thick foam mattress.

Technical specifications 
Packed size in carrying bag:

Packed size in Wall Cover:



Size evacuation mattress:

Laundry instructions:

CE marking number:

060x030x060 cm

100x60x17 cm

5,5 kilogram

Fire-retardant and anti-bacterial Trevira CS polyester

210x60 cm

60 degrees, dry on low temperature, do not iron, do not bleach, no chemical cleaning 

NL - CA002 - 2016 - 39802