Evacuation mattress

Why S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress?

Your visitors and residents need to be safe.  The safety of mobility-impaired and wheelchair user is our top priority and it should be yours too.

S-CAPEPLUS was developed for a hospital in Arnhem to help the organisation safely evacuate those in need. The hospital's existing evacuation tools no longer met tomorrow's expectations. The hospital wanted a new tool that focused on speed, comfort and ease of use. They also required a low entry price and no maintenance costs. All of these requirements were considered during the development of

We have a shared mission  of changing the game of stairway evacuation for the mobility impaired. With that goal in mind we are trying to improve S-CAPEPLUS as a product and as a brand every single day.

In case of fire or other emergencies, it is of critical important that all your residents and vistors can reach the safety-zone in time. There will always be people who cannot bring themselves down the stairs. Therefore, you need a simple evacuation tool and you have come to the right place.

And don't forget. 'Don't hesitate, use S-CAPEPLUS to evacuate.'